I have been teaching some courses at Polytech Tours – Computer Science Dpt (Tours, 37)  and ENIVL (Blois, 41)

At Polytech Tours Engineer School from 2009 to 2011, I have been in charge of :

  • Practice courses Java (Collections, Multi threading, Image, …) – supports
  • C++/Qt/ STL plain courses(CM) + pratice courses(TP)  (9heq.TD + 40heq.TD) (CS Master Level) – supports
  • Supervising 2 master thesis students each year all along the year  (3days/week)
  • Supervising students on several short-time projects (Java, C++, Qt, OpenGL, …)

And from 2012:

  • Advanced Algorithmics (Data structures, Complexity, Recursion, Trees, Sorts, Research methods, …) Plain courses(CM) + practice courses (18heq.TD + 30heq.TD) (CS Licence Level) - support CM   support TD
  • Supervising engineering projects of students all along the year (>40heq.TD)

At the National Engineer School of Loire Valley (ENIVL) in 2010, I have been in charge of :

  • C/C++ plain courses + pratice courses ( 30h ) (Bachelor Level)

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