Specific Skills : MRI and MRI-d data processing

Purpose Tools Tasks Project
Fibers 3D Reconstruction (Tractography)
  • DTI-Toolkit,
  • DSI Studio
  • Trackvis
  • Reconstruction from raw diffusion data
  • Fiber Tracking
  • Fibratlas
  • TractOptim
MR Image Handling and Processing
  • Freesurfer, freeview
  • MRIcron
  • MedInria
  • ImageJ
  • 3D Slicer
  • Registration
  • Segmentation
  • Resampling
  • ROI building
  • Fibratlas

Fast Prototyping skills

Computational Scientific softwares

  • Scilab scripting,
  • Matlab

Coding skills

Languages with high level of expertise:

Core Computing technologies:

  • C/C++ (STL, Boost, Qt)
  • GPGPU (Cuda)
  • Java

Graphics on GPU

  • OpenGL,
  • GLSL,
  • HLSL


  • Bash, Python, javascript

Languages with basic level of expertise:

  • Web (PHP, ASP, Ajax)
  • SQL (plSQL, mySQL)
Working Philosophy:
In almost all my projects I managed to maintain some personal libraries especially for Imaging handling, 3D graphics (Engine based on standard low level ones such as OpenGL/Shader).This has been done in order to achieve two goals:

  • In-depth learn of the technology, thus allowing to efficiently operate optimizations when needed,
  • Make it possible to capitalize code and save time across time

All technologies are choosen to be cross plateform  to enable wide distribution if needed. Particular attention is payed on bundle and packaging to make deployment easy.

Projects Management

Internships supervision

2009 : 1 student

2010 : 2 students

2011 : 3 students

2012 : 1 student

Engineers Degree Project supervision

During their last year, Engineers candidates are to work on a research/engineering project over teacher supervision. Technical and management abilities are evaluated.

Past projects:

  • Semi-Automatic TF assistant for volumic images visualization (2009-2012) – 4 students
    • 3D raycasting
    • Genetic Algorithm design
    • User interface design and developement
  • Phantom integration in our visualiszation software (2011-2012) 2 students
    • Library designed and built over HLAPI
    • Coding, Integration, user tests
  • Projective texturing, (2013) 1 student

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