Virtual SkinLab

  • Context

    This software integrates all tools needed to acquire and pre-process stereoscopic images, to calibrate the cameras (colors and stereoscopic calibration), to compute dense depth maps using GPU-based computation, to visualize the images in stereoscopy and to perform interactive exploration (including 3D interactive measures and 3D image annotations), to manage a set of 3D images, and to share knowledge between experts.
    Acquisition of stereoscopic images and stereo-calibration using genetic algorithms (PhD of Karim Benzeroual, defended in 2010).
    This software also allows interactive exploration of stereoscopic images, exploration of reconstructed models. Annotations, measurements, volumetric computations are available to experts. Application has been used to follow emangiomas recovering, in collaboration with “service pediatrie – dermatologie”, Hôpital st André, CHU Bordeaux/INSERM U1035 (Pr A. Taieb, Dr Ezzedine).

  • Research Methods

    3D dense stereo matching, stereophotography, Calibration issues, GPU Parallelization, 3D reconstruction

  • Technology

    Java, C++, openCL/CUDA (GPU parallel programming)

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