FibrAtlas is a joint project with the UMRS U930 INSERM/CNRS ERL3106. Project is lead by C. Destrieux. Iam working on a  visualization tool making it possible to study dissected brain white matter fiber bundles. Each step of a progressive anatomical dissection of human brain hemisphere is acquired using a high resolution 3D laser scanner and by a photographic device. Each resulting surface is textured with the high resolution image and are registered inside the corresponding MR T1-weighted volume dataset. Each produced large triangle surfaces is interactively selectable to label areas corresponding to a specific fiber bundle parts. Extracted fiber bundles are stacked and rendered inside the MR volume to be visualized into context. The virtual scene is finally displayed onto a stereoscopic device to be explored by the anatomist experts.

  • Technologies

C++, Qt, OpenGL, GLSL

  • Partners

UMRS U930 INSERM/CNRS ERL3106, Laboratoire d’Informatique, GE Medical System, CHU de Tours, Universit√© de Tours

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