I am interested in surfacic 3D data acquisition using hardware like stereoscopy cameras or 3D laser scanner. I am also working with volumic 3D data visualization from MRI, CT-Scanner machines.

You can find my Ph.D thesis entitled : “Acquisition, Visualization and 3D Reconstruction of Anatomical Data : Application to Human Brain White Matter.”
here is the manuscript in french or the abstract in english.
Please note that long abstract in english will be available soon.

Defense was on July, the 25th (2013)
PhD has been delivered with “Highest Honours” by the following Jury:

  • Pr Pennec X. (INRIA Sophia, France) – President
  • Pr Dischler J.M. (Université de Strasbourg, France) -Reviewer
  • Dr Poupon C. (CEA Neurospin, France) – Reviewer
  • Dr Zöllei L. (MGH/Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA )
  • Pr Destrieux C. (INSERM/CHU Tours/Université de Tours, France)
  • Pr Venturini G. (Université de Tours, France)

Slides are available here (french) or here (english).

I am working on immersive (stereoscopy visual rendering, haptic rendering) and interactive 3D visualizations. I am especially working on medical applications.

I am currently  involved in the Fibratlas project.

You can find my publications here.

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